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Modern and Professionals Rustles steal Alembics
of 30, 70, 130, 200, 300 y 500 Liters



To distill medicinal plants , herbs, fruits, grains , and wine marc.

Entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Under current European legislation for the processing and preservation of food and medicinal substances.

Under current European regulations for food preservation.

Under current European legislation for the conservation of medicinal substances.


With the intent to inform the passionate and professionals in distillation the important differences of these modern machines, compared with the copper primitive instruments.

This small craft factory has invented and patented a new refrigeration system, made out of interchangeable heat plaques that reduce noticeable the consume of water, the volume and weight of the coil.


Another new product is the ''DEFLAMATOR'' (second condensation of vapors with thermometer) that allows:


The stainless basket devides the vegetal from water to be able to destilate though steam stripping.

Inox Case Inox Filter

The small rustles filter also divides the plants from water, giving essences distillation though running vapor. The locked innovated system of the lead, the pipes and tides in rustles, avoid unnecessary filtration, guarantying a completely hermetic and hygienic circuit. These new techniques are a revolution towards traditional distillation. An external generation, can also be connected to the discharge valve situated in the inferior part of the caldera.


Compare to the copper alembics, these ones are extremely light, the 30 liters one is 13 kg !!! Los alembics and accessories, are made completely from rustles steal AISI 304, sticking to the European normative and up to standards for the transformation and conservation of food and medical substances.


The ensemble do not require qualify personal, is easy and practical. As a source of heat the normal butane burners can be used, gas or electrical semi-industrial kitchens.


As a good reminder, copper is a metal that posses inorganic salts and complexes that are toxic. Tools and equipment made with copper, a green colored basic copper carbonate can be formed, called “verdigris” which is highly toxic.

On the other hand, components in plants, like organic acids and amide or hydroxide group substances can form organic-steal complexes in contact with the copper from the equipment: these copper organic compounds are also highly toxic. Therefore, the products obtain from the copper alembics should not be used for internal consumption like food, licorices, aromatherapy essential oils or medicines. Our INOX STEAL AISI 304 alembics are easy to clean, resistant to corrosion and aggression of acidic products, this type of material is neutral, therefore, flavor or smells are not added to the product, optimally absorbing heat..