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Accessories and technical data


Modern designs and new techniques Distillation

The new capacitors made with interchangeable plates heat, allow optimum cooling and significantly reduce water consumption, the size and weight

The second capacitor (Deflemador) is an accessory that worth considering for its important role. It measures the temperature of external boiler vapors before they condense on the coil. That sets the fair division between head-body-tail distillation. It also automatically filter and condensed methanol and impurities that are downloaded by the faucet located below it.

Cart Inox allows distilled by vapor drift facilitates the extraction of vegetable distillates without moving the team to the second distillation.

The filter also separates Inox plants the boiler water. It is more practical in small steps.


Easy to assemble and use technically well built, sold with warranty "normal use" for a period of 5 years.


Weights and Measures

30 lts 30 cm 77 cm 13 kgs
70 lts 40 cm 90 cm 18 kgs
130 lts 50 cm 100 cm 28 kgs
200 lts 62 cm 75 cm 46 kgs
300 lts 50 cm 110 cm 65 kgs
500 lts 77 cm 160 cm 110 kgs